Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez were a match made in New York City — literally.

The beloved New Yorkers found love with one another nearly a decade after first meeting at a baseball game in Queens, though A-Rod has hinted in the past the pair may have met even earlier than that. At first, the pair kept it quiet but their silence was short-lived. After just two months of dating, they went public, and they never looked back.

From gracing magazine covers to attending events on behalf of their significant other, the pair have quickly grown to be known as one of Hollywood’s biggest “power couples.”


Here’s a look back at the couple’s flourishing romance.

The couple attended the American Music Awards together in October 2018.

“There’s nothing this woman can’t do,” Rodriquez wrote on Instagram, tagging Lopez’s upcoming film “Second Act.”

Rodriguez celebrated his girl’s 49th birthday with a series of never-before-scene snapshots of Lopez.

“When we were kids, birthdays were exciting because it was all about the gifts we would be getting,” Rodriguez captioned an Instagram gallery in July 2017. “A new bat, dance shoes, maybe a new CD (yes I’m old!).”

The 42-year-old continued, “I see firsthand how that’s changed for Jennifer, and how she’s found joy in sharing with others. For someone who has been about giving everything she has 365 days a year—to our children, our families, the world—I hope today, we can give you all the happiness you deserve. I love you mucho Macha 13.”

Described as being “on top of the world personally and professionally,” Lopez was named one of Harpers Bazaar’s spring cover stars.

“He sports-metaphors me to death, and now I do it to everyone else,” Lopez joked.


“Baseball is just like life,” she added. “All you want to do is hit a home run.”

Before performing at a pre-Super Bowl LII show, Lopez took a moment to give her boyfriend some praise.

“We’ve been together for one year today. I don’t want to get all mushy or anything, but baby, this song’s for you. I love you,” she said, according to E! News.

She later explained to E! why she felt compelled to give her beau some love.

“It was our little anniversary, so it was a special night. I kept thinking ‘Oh, God—February 3! That’s our day. Oh, my God! It’s been a year.’ It was more spontaneous than anything else. It wasn’t too planned. I thought about it, and I thought, ‘Maybe I’ll do it; maybe I won’t,'” Lopez said. “But it was a great show, in general, and…I don’t know. We felt really good.”

J-Lo and A-Rod both work hard to stay in shape. The singer-actress posted a candid of the pair after a yoga session in August 2017.

“You push me I push you…” she wrote.

It’s true. “J-Rod” made their magazine cover debut in December 2017, landing the front page of Vanity Fair.

The couple opened up about their relationship and spilled the tea about how they first got together. Lopez recalled spotting Rodriguez while eating lunch in Beverly Hills. Though nervous, Lopez got the courage to walk over to Rodriguez and say hello.

“I had just come from a promo for my show, ‘Shades of Blue,’ so I’m dressed like my character, like a boy—Timberlands, jeans, curly short hair. He looks at me. I say, ‘It’s Jennifer.’ He says, ‘You look so beautiful,'” Lopez revealed to Vanity Fair.


The pair later discussed their first date: dinner at Hotel Bel Air. At first, the couple had mixed signals — unsure whether it was a real date or not. But eventually, it was crystal clear. And the rest is, well, history.

“I understand him in a way that I don’t think anyone else could, and he understands me in a way that no one else could ever,” Lopez gushed.

The couple made their first official red carpet debut together at the 2017 Met Gala in New York City. At that time, J-Lo blasted out a series of photos showing the couple enjoying themselves at the event — from snapping selfies in the car en route to the event to blowing kisses at the dinner table.

“You’re never fully dressed without a smile,” Lopez captioned one of the Instagram posts.

Rumors began to swirl around March — about a month after the pair reportedly started dating. At first, they attempted to keep their relationship a secret. Lopez and Drake split around that time after just two months of dating, Us Magazine reports.

The news wasn’t completely shocking. Apparently, Rodriguez has always been attracted to Lopex.


“A-Rod has always been taken with the beauty and personality of Jennifer Lopez,” a source told People in March 2017. “She is his dream girl.”

The pair first met at Shea Stadium in Queens back in 2005. Lopez stopped to shake Rodriguez’s hand before the first pitch, People reports.

At the time, Lopez was still with her ex-husband Marc Anthony. They even all posed for a picture together.